Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Christ Reigning in Culture: Poland's Righteousness

The recent news out of Poland is amazing! What a contrast from us in our western materialistic worldview! This sort of law that Poland has put into place will transform their culture. O, how I pray for such a resurrection of the Faith in our land!

Polish parliamentarians have voted to ban trading on Roman Catholic feast days after complaints that foreign supermarkets, such as British-owned Tesco, are ignoring the religious needs of workers - writes Jonathan Luxmoore for ENI.

"The forcing of work, especially from women who fulfil a key family role, is negatively evaluated by most of society, while the payments offered for working on feast days aren't satisfactory," Stanislaw Szwed, a member of Poland's governing Law and Justice Party, which sponsored the bill, told members of parliament during a 6 July 2007 debate.

Under the new law, trading is to be banned on 12 days each year, including Easter, Pentecost, Corpus Christi, the feast of the Assumption, and All Saints Day, as well as at Christmas, and on New Year's Day and Poland's national Constitution and Independence days. The law will not apply to restaurants, hotels and petrol stations, or to small shops with single owners.

The decision follows complaints about low pay and excessive hours among Tesco's 25 000 Polish employees, some of whom have also objected to being denied Sundays off. A British-based spokesperson for the company, Monika Kosinska, told Ecumenical News International that all Tesco employees had the right to choose their working hours. "We treat people fairly and offer them attractive benefits and development opportunities," Kosinska said. "Each employee's working schedule is tailored to the individual, and where there are specific requests we respect them, such as not working night shifts or on certain days," she added.

With six million customers weekly, Tesco operates 280 supermarkets in Poland and plans to open a further 50 stores in the country. Among recent advertisements, the company reductions for items, such as televisions, bicycles and MP3 players, "most often bought as presents" for children receiving their first communion.

[With grateful acknowledgements to ENI. Ecumenical News International is jointly sponsored by the World Council of Churches, the Lutheran World Federation, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, and the Conference of European Churches]


Blogger Bobby J. Kennedy said...

I suppose I'll be holding my breath for a long while if I wait for anything like this to happen stateside.

4:07 pm  
Blogger Augustinian Successor said...

Can't resist saying this but, I think I see the shadow of Reconstruction-ism lurking from behind .......

4:45 am  
Blogger Fr. Jeffrey said...


It's funny that you say that but one, I'v never been a reconstructionist and two it never crossed my mind that the proclamation of Jesus as LORD to be a part of the American movement of reconstruction. I would not think that a Catholic country like Poland would be a "reconstructionist" culture. But, I can truly see how you could come to that conclusion. +Tom Wright speaks of this sort of thing as well, but I do not think he could be given the label of reconstructionist. Actually, I think it is quite incarnational and in step with resurrection/ascension theolgy!

Thanks for the comment though!! Blessings!

8:21 am  
Blogger Mike said...

Fr. Jeff, I am sorry to report that I was as near to you as Richmond in North Yorkshire only a couple of weeks ago and did not make arrangements to travel a bit further north to meet you. It was certainly my desire to do so, but the itinerary didn't leave much wiggle room on this trip to visit my wife's family in Sheffield. We took a trip to Richmond to see the town which shares its name with my son, and particularly the castle, and I thought about you when I realized just how close we were to you.

8:48 pm  

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