Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What Arrogance!

Bishop Tom Wright is 'right' that the government is acting a bit arrogantly with its new gospel of 'diversity' that isn't all that diverse when it comes down to it. One shoe fits all and that's that! There are NO EXCEPTIONS for people who hold a Christian moral ethic and one can only expect worse in the end. The scary thing is that all of this is happening so fast and we seem to just be running full speed ahead, straight for the cliff. How one can watch the BBC and see the culture of death all around us and remain numb to the effects that this law is going to have on a country who still maintains a 'Christian' identity is simply astounding. How did we get here? I can think of a lot of stuff that we could be repenting for this lent and maybe a REAL 40 day fast would move the Spirit to change hearts and minds. Ruth Gledhill interviewed Bishop Tom recently and here is what he had to say:
Dr Wright, in his car on his way to address a conference at Swanwick, was furious with the Government. "There is no way that the Catholic Church is going to change its mind on this one given 18 months or so." he said. "This completely fails to take into account the views and beliefs of all those involved. The idea that New Labour - which has got every second thing wrong and is backtracking on extended drinking hours, is in a mess over this cash-for-peerages business, cannot keep all its prisons under control - the idea that New Labour can come up with a new morality which it forces on the Catholic Church after 2,000 years - I am sorry - this is amazing arrogance on the part of the Government.

"Legislation for a nouveau morality is deeply unwise. That is not how morality works. At a time when the Government is foundering with so many of its policies - and I haven't even mentioned Iraq - the thought that this Government has the moral credibility to be able tell the Roman Catholic Church how to order one area of its episcopal teaching is frankly laughable. When you think about it like that, it is quite extraordinary. I suppose the hope is that in 18 months time there will be a different Prime Minister who might take a different view, and this will kick it into the long grass until then."

The BBC has this Report.


Blogger lexorandi2 said...

This, the same Blair, who fancies himself a potential Roman convert. His legacy will be the shutting down of Roman adoption agencies! What chance do you think he'll ever convert now?

8:19 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing that he will claim is that he tried really hard to get the exception for the Roman Catholic Church, which he actually did do. He did stand up for them in their discussions. What happened? Who knows? But it is laughable to think that this government can tell the Catholic Church what to think morally is beyond belief. Maybe the Queen will shut down the government and rule herself! What a thought; huh?

9:14 am  
Blogger lexorandi2 said...

Constitutionally speaking, I guess she could do that. But I hate to see what erupts on the streets as a result.

8:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it was said with tongue firmly implanted in cheek!

8:48 pm  
Blogger lexorandi2 said...

Can you say, "Republicanism???"


3:30 am  
Anonymous john scholasticus said...

Another bad miscalculation by T Wright (the other was over the ‘covenant business’). It’s axiomatic that if church leaders criticise a political policy they should keep it specific (unless they’re dealing with dictatorship or tyranny tout court). Instead, Wright lambasts the government (which I don’t support) in general. The man is a fool and even by his own standards (not very high) he’s losing it. Conservatives, you ought to start selling your shares in T Wright. Some of us never invested.

10:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I understand that you do not have much time for +T. Wright but I am not sure calling him a 'fool' is the proper thing to do on this blog. It is one thing to disagree with him but calling him names is nothing but ad hominem. I expected more than this from you.

I guess it is a miscalculation by myself as well because I agree with him on this issue. But, I wouldn't think you would have bought shares in J Steel either so nothing lost!

11:11 pm  
Anonymous john scholasticus said...


My language was intemperate but I make (as usual) a very specific criticism. Churchmen (and women) have to keep their criticisms of political policies specific. This principle is well understood by C. Murphy-O'Connor. It doesn't seem to be understood by T Wright. Do YOU understand it and do you understand why it is so important? A reply would be good.

9:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I simply am not sure what specifically is the 'mis-calculation' that you are referring to. The whole point about +Tom's statement is the principle against what O' Connor said concerning the government policing the consciences of the people. I think the underlying point that our country is in a war against tyranny and yet some see this present law as an act of tyranny against the conscience within a democratic government is problematic. This was how I understood the points behind what was said.

I understand that the RCC has believed that marriage is between a man and a woman and that is the ordinary place that children ought to be allowed to grow in a healthy environment and children are not to be used as a political chess piece for personal agendas. Nor are they sociological/psychological projects to be tested as if they were rats in a lab to see what the result is from their being raised in such situations. Understand the point, the point is not the human dignity and rights of homosexual persons, but the dignity of children who have no say in this at all. Put that on top of the Church's moral teaching and what appearances come forth from this is a neo-Erastianism like never before. That is the principle as far as I understand it.

10:20 pm  

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