Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fundamentalism breeds Fundamentalism

One of the well-known Catholic converts along with Scott Hahn and others was Gerry Matatics. He has taken some pretty severe positions recently where again his Fundamentalism shows through. Here is a copy of his recent letter. Particularly I am thinking about his position that the past four popes are illigitimate popes (including Benedict XVI). Matatics is being disavowed all over the place because of this. Catholic Apologists International has called upon all Catholics not to follow him or any of his teachings of the Catholic Church. Concerning his position of Sedevacantism where he wrote the Dimond Brothers to let them know that he affirms their position on this has been shown to be outside the realm of even Trent concerning the issue of baptism of desire. Robert Sungenis writes,
God did not put Gerry Matatics in charge of the Catholic Church. Mr. Matatics claims no vision, no revelation, no miraculous intrusion from God in his life to substantiate this new evaluation concerning our recent popes. The entire conclusion of the matter is strictly from the mind of Mr. Matatics, and like many who fell into error before him, Mr. Matatics dares to condemn to hell the popes of the Catholic Church by the sheer prowess of his own thinking abilities.

Unfortunately for Mr. Matatics, it is precisely because of the danger inherent in the thinking of imperfect and fallible individuals that the papacy was created and given the keys to the kingdom of heaven – to set aside those who arrogate authority to themselves and depend solely on their own cognitive abilities to usurp another’s authority. Never mind Mr. Matatics’ self-professed theological and spiritual convictions that he claims leads him to this extreme position. I can hardly think of any renegade the Church has confronted in the past who did not condemn the papacy based on what he understood as his “deep personal theological and spiritual convictions.” The road to hell is paved with deep religious convictions.
Quoting the Council of Trent Dr. Sungenis writes,
Session 6, Chapter 4, of the Council of Trent states:

In these words a description of the justification of a sinner is given as being a translation from that state in which man is born a child of the first Adam to the state of grace and of the ‘adoption of the sons’ of God through the second Adam, Jesus Christ, our Savior; and this translation after the promulgation of the Gospel cannot be erected except through the laver of regeneration, or a desire for it, as it is written: ‘Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.’
Fundamentalism breeding Fundamentalism. He's still a Protestant!

Another example of this has been posted by, Third Mill Catholic who has posted a video of Texas Evangelicals converting to Islam. These people exchange one form of Fundamentalism for another and often the only thing different is their dress and liturgical actions. This goes for Fundamentalists converting to Roman Catholicism as well. Some young converts will ONLY attend the Tridentine Mass as if 'they are the more spiritual Catholics.' What is it with Fundamentalism that does this to people? Some of the most obnoxious converts to Rome are former Fundamentalist Evangelicals who have grown up with 'strict' principles and guides where there is no law. This topic would make a very interesting study and dissertation if any of you are looking for a postgraduate topic! What do you all think?

I think it should be taken as seriously as this self-proclaimed 'Pope Michael' pictured below. The best picture is the one where he is standing next to the large rock. (I can hardly stop laughing.) Here's a link to his site and how he was elected.
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Blogger J. Gordon Anderson said...

Good post. I have seen so much of this. Some people are not only addicted to fundamentalism(s) but also to "conversion(s)". They constantly switch from one thing to another looking for the newest thrill and newest system with all of the answers for everything. But once they get used to their new system, and see that it does not offer all of the answers they initially thought it did, they move on to a new system (religion) that they think will give them all of the answers to life's questions, and then on to another, and then to another... until they become cynical agnostics/atheists (that itself being a system).

5:32 pm  
Blogger lexorandi2 said...

Pope Michael's Q&A section informs us that "Pope Michael lives with his mother." That just about sums it up!

He needs to find a real job and move out.

7:08 pm  
Blogger Jeff said...


Is that not the funniest thing? I could not stop laughing.

8:11 pm  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Nice blog. I am a convert to Catholicism. I was raised a Southern Baptist. I have to admit some converts to Catholicism and get hooked up with the Traditionalist movement get on my last nerve nowadays. It is funny because I am often sympathetic to many of their concerns. But there is something about them that just complain 24/7. It gets tiresome and I am suprised they can have quality spirtual life.

On a related topic this might interest you. I ran across this topic last night on another web site. It is talking about Fundamentalist and many "recovering Fundamentalist" show up in the comment section there is good info there but the anti religious bias is really apparent. I sort of in the comment section said - that they would be wise not to classify all fundamentalist this way. There are funfamentalist and then there are kooky fundamentalist, and very unhealthy fundamentalist. Anyway you might want to give this very liberal site a look. lol. I disagreed with what was being said to a point but there is some wisom there
I will be back

12:49 am  
Blogger lexorandi2 said...

Yeah, I couldn't stop laughing either, Jeff. He sort of looks like that dude who starred in the movie "40 Year Old Virgin." The Brits might say he needs a "good rogering."

10:12 pm  
Blogger Jeff said...

I just received this e-mail moments ago: What a hoot! I wonder who this is from! I wonder if it is John Robbins from his Trinity Foundation site founed here: http://www.trinityfoundation.org/ I wouldn't be surprised.

My, my, my!!!

I really don't even know where to start.

Here we have so brazen, so blatant an example of hypocrisy, that words truly fail me.

We have the great and wonderous Mr. Jeffrey Steel, Anglican heretic and client of the accursed reprobate, heretic and apostate, Lancelot Andrewes, president of that nest of whores which produced the "King James Bible" and the English Schism under Elizabeth, Henry VIII Tudor's bastard daughter, and he has the arrogance and insolence to attack H.H. Pope Michael as being "laughable"!!!

This is the same hypocrite who piously reproduces the pious prayer of the impious humbug Lancelot Andrewes, praying "our praises and thanksgivings for thy holy Catholic Church, the mother of us all who bear the name of Christ"!!! Mealy-mouthed hypocrisies never got richer than this!!!

Arrogance, conceit and impudence never reached higher than this!!! Truly, we have a worthy pupil of the Pharisees!!!

Lucio Mascarenhas, Bombay

1:00 pm  
Blogger Jeff said...

I was wrong, it's from this guy:


1:10 pm  
Blogger J. Gordon Anderson said...

There's another anti-pope, Pope Pius XIII, at this site:


2:04 pm  
Blogger Lucio Mascarenhas said...

And please do not forget my last reply: http://lucius-caesar.livejournal.com/920.html On the Lovingness of Malefactors.


Lucio Mascarenhas, Bombay

8:22 pm  
Blogger Lucio Mascarenhas said...

Um... I wonder what's the matter with you that you confuse Catholics with Calvinists!!! Sad, sad.

8:24 pm  
Anonymous Hanque said...

Just came back from a visit to Pope Michael's site and was reminded of a psych test I once took at American Airlines (The Minnesota Multiphasic I think it was called – 400 questions multiple choice). Afterwards I was speaking with the company doctor, Dr. Shocken. I argued that no one would answer using some of the available choices because they sounded so crazy. Dr. Shocken said, “Oh yes, crazy people don’t think they sound crazy.” I think I get it now.

3:43 pm  

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