Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dix on Cranmer's Eucharistic Sacrifice

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Dom Gregory Dix writes the following of Cranmer's view of Eucharistic Sacrifice:
The ministers of the eucharist are thus acting as such simply as officials if the secular government of the Christian state in Cranmer's opinion. Such was his idea in 1540 and he insisted on defending the same opinion at his trial in 1554, declaring that 'Nero was head of the church' in his day, 'that is in worldly respect of the temporal bodies of men, of whom the church consisteth; for so he beheaded Peter and the apostles. And the Turk (t.e. Sultan) too is head of the church of Turkey.'1 It is therefore not likely that he shall find anything which may be fairly interpreted in terms of a differentiation of 'order', as the primitive church understood it in Cranmer's liturgies of 1549 or 1552, still less anything corresponding to the idea of a priestly 'oblation'. Nevertheless, as we have seen (D. l) Cranmer does admit an idea of oblation in the eucharist, which he calls 'a sacrifice of laud, praise and thanksgiving.' He defines carefully the sense in which it is so.
He then goes on to provide this quotation below from Cranmer where he describes how Eucharist is and is not a Sacrifice.
'In this eating, drinking and using of the Lord's Supper, we make not of Christ a new sacrifice propitiatory for remission of sin. But the humble confession of all penitent hearts, their acknowledging of Christ's benefits, their thanksgiving for the same, their faith and consolation in Christ, their humble submission and obedience to God's will and commandments, is a sacrifice of laud and praise, accepted and allowed of God no less than the sacrifice of the priest.'
There is indeed a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving in the Eucharist and that point is not contested. But when one reads through the Fathers of the Church one will find that this is not the only way the Eucharistic Sacrifice was described. It was set within such language as 'offering of the Victim' and 'one and the same offering of the Victim,' etc. Cranmer obviously knew the Fathers well and I wonder what it is that kept him from acknowledging the Church's teaching on this up to this point in the Church's history! Until the Reformation, there was no questioning or challenging of the concept of Eucharistic Sacrifice. It was and IS the Church's teaching. So, why does Cranmer limit it the way that Dix says that he does?


Anonymous I'd rather not say said...

I'm not competent to answer this question, but relevant to this discussion, if not directly on point, is the following posted at The Continuum:


4:40 am  
Blogger Jeff said...

Thanks for the link. His 21 century example could be turned by around by a Clark, Massure, or a de la Taille to say, fine, another abuse of what the doctrine is actually saying. One could use multiple other examples that do not argue for a crass realism and one such example is JPII's encyclical on Eucharistic sacrifice. Most scholars today would and do lament the abuses and examples that he gives.

Later Anglicans like John Johnson and even bits of Jeremy Taylor, and Hebert Thorndike all view the presence to inhere in the elements objectively and believe in a offering to God of the One Sacrifice (same Victim) in the Eucharistic offering. This comes from earlier divines in the Caroline period championed by L. Andrewes.

6:24 am  
Blogger lexorandi2 said...

Jeff, if you want to be fair to Cranmer than get your head out of Dix's book and read Cranmer's Defence. ;-)

There is a one word answer to your question: Transubstantiation. Of course this begs further explanation, including a fuller account of how philosophical nominalism distorted the catholic doctrine of presence into crass physicalism.

Also, Cranmer acknowledges that the Fathers used such language, and all but admits that the only thing that renders such language problematic is the doctrine of Transubstantiation (read "crass physicalism"), which he rightly holds the Fathers did not hold.

3:33 pm  
Anonymous William Tighe said...

If the Church has the authority to endorse and enforce as a test of orthodoxy a word -- let us say "homoousios" -- to which many had sincere theological exceptions and to which not a few continued to oppose subsequently and to which, from time to time in later centuries individuals continued to object as "unScriptural" or "making a dogma out of a philosophical idea" (as many did and do), then the Church has the same right to endorse another such word (like "transubstantiation") and to require its acceptance by the Faithful -- even though, in both cases, the word might give rise to "gross" and "carnal" understandings and practices. Dix was at least intelligent enough to recognize that (as in his posthomously-published *Jurisdiction in the Early Church* [1975]).

For my part, I would repeat my past statement that, far from avoiding Dix, you should read Timms' "Dixit Cranmer," Dix's "Dixit Cranmer Et Non Timuit" and Richardson's "Zwingli and Cranmer on the Eucharist" -- and then, and only then, go back and read Cranmer (and Stephen Gardiner's and Cuthbert Tunstall's responses to Cranmer).

4:27 pm  
Anonymous I'd rather not say said...

Re: all of the above.

Is Andrewes' judgment that this is all a logomachia right after all, then?

9:50 pm  
Blogger lexorandi2 said...

For the record, I have no problem with the word Transubstantiation.

10:21 pm  
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