Monday, April 24, 2006

New Books to Get

My spiritual director, Canon Arthur Middleton received word that his book Towards a Renewed Priesthood has been republished at Gracewing Publishing. You can pick it up for £9.99. When there has recently been a lessening of the priest/theologian entering the Church for vocation, this book is a healthy reminder of the type of priest the Church needs. It is a modern book with a classical approach to the vocation of the priesthood much along the lines of the classic book by George Herbert, The Country Parson. If you are thinking about what to get your priest for 'clergy appreciation day,' or if you know someone who is soon to be ordained, this is a book to get!

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Another book that you need to purchase is by my dear friend Dr. Marianne Dorman. Her new book on Lancelot Andrewes is out and can be ordered from Marianne or Rosedog Books. This book is titled Lancelot Andrewes Mentor of Reformed Catholicism in the Post-Reformation English Church 1555-1626. This book is based on her doctoral work on Lancelot Andrewes. For any who would love to get a scholarly picture of Andrewes, this is one of the books to have.


Anonymous Darel said...


Could you give a tiny overview of the Middleton book? It sounds quite interesting but I'd like a little more information before dropping $18 on it.


7:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is what the Reviews have said.

What the Reviews said...

"Arthur Middleton has written that rare book, a short study that is at one and the same time a powerful critique and a positive statement of values. His work will be of immense value to all those involved in ministry, as well as to laity who wish to gain an understanding of how things are the way they are and how they could be improved in the future".
Publishing Editor on book cover

"There are basically two reasons why we decided to publish Arthur Middleton's study. First, he was not afraid to take on the greatest single problem facing the Church of England - the relentless move towards functionalism and secularization. Secondly, he articulates a path towards re-integration of spirituality and theology into the pastoral and liturgical life of the priest. A path which is founded on a return to Christ-centred ministry, and re-appreciation of the importance of the Early Church Fathers".
Sheridan Swinson, Publishing Manager, Gracewing Publishers
Church of England Newspaper, June 1995

"I have put this book on the reading list for those preparing to come to study for the priesthood. Some, no doubt, will find it not to their liking. Others will find their deepest parts irradiated by its wisdom. Arthur Middleton is not one who has lost his way in the contemporary debate about priesthood. In pointing us the way back into the tradition, he is pointing the only way forward that leads anywhere".
Andrew Burnham, Acting Principal of St. Stephen's House, Oxford
New Directions, 1995

"Fr. Middleton certainly conveys his own profound grasp of the importance of the priestly calling but he also ranges over such issues as the nature of prayer, the relationship of theology to tradition, Leslie Newbigin's response to the challenge of secularism as well as the lessons we can learn from such figures as George Herbert, Thomas Merton, or Roger Schutz ... but there are lots more nuggets..."
Bishop Paul Richardson of Wangaratta, Australia
Church Scene(Australia)

"The merit of Fr. Middleton's study is that it does present classic Anglican priesthood ... In this Fr. Middleton's chapter on George Herbert is particularly moving. Here one finds a role model for Anglican priesthood, to whom serving God and caring for the people was of infinitely more importance than personal needs or ambition".
Nicholas Stebbing, Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield
CR Chronicle

Author’s Comment
The book is an exposition of Christian priesthood in the light of historical precedents in the early Church Fathers and 17th century classical Anglican thought for today, more particularly in Richard Hooker (1553-1600), Lancelot Andrewes (1555-1626) and George Herbert (1593-1633).

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